He lower OpEx amounts to

a lower purchase cost of the plant of more than 1 million euros,

starting from 500 Nm3/h of biogas.

GM plants for biogas upgrading to biomethane utilise a patented technology applied since

more than 60 years in several industrial applications. It offers the best performance

compared to the other upgrading technologies currently available.

GM is Eco-Friendly

GM is efficient

GM cuts the electrycity cost

GM cuts maintenance costs


Typical methane content in the Off-gas is less than 0.1% with no need of Off-gas post treatment.

Methane recovered is more than 99.9% from raw biogas.

Electricity consumption is lower than 0.2 kWh/Nm3 of biogas.

Simple, strong and reliable technology.

No hazardous materials are utilised.

CNR-IIA (Institute for Atmospheric Pollution) in 2017 carried out two sampling

and analysis campaigns since 2016 from a waste treatment plant located in Northern Italy.

The measurements are according to UNI TR 11537-2016 and EN 16732 standards.

The results show that:

Biomethane produced meets the requirements of UNI TR 11537-2016 and EN 16732 standards

Methane lost with Off-gas is lower than 0.1% of total methane in biogas feed (measured loss = 0.06%)

GM technology ensures:

Higher yield

Lower environmental footprint

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