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According to its policy of keeping the client free from technical responsibility GM is available for:

  • supply of the biogas upgrading unit on “turnkey” basis, erection and commissioning included;
  • supply of after sales services for the operation and the planned maintenance of the unit in order to assure a minimum profitable production.

Base package

GM upgrading units are designed with the following nominal capacities of biome thane product:

  • 125 Sm3/h
  • 250 Sm3/h
  • 500 Sm3/h
  • 1.000 Sm3/h
  • 2.000 Sm3/h
The normal operating flexibility of the upgraded units is in the range of 35 to 105% of the nominal capacity.

Optional packages

Optional units are offered by GM in order to make the biomethane and the Carbon Dioxide according to the local standards and to the clients and/or market requirements.The integration of the optional units with the existing industrial facilities allows to optimise the lay-out and the overall energy balance reducing the implementation and operating costs.

Analysis of the project

The GM approach to a project is:

  • Collection of the required information in coordination with the client
  • Analysis of the collected data to verify the feasibility of the project.
GM shall develop with the client a business plan proposing the best technical and financial options to maximize the profitability of the project.

Practical management

The GM technical organisation is structured to follow the client since the request of authorizations to the involved organisations and authorities, drawing up the required technical documentation in close coordination, if required, with the supplier of the biogas technology. GM can assists the client in the management of the papers to get the required authorisation for:

  • Implementation of the biogas upgrading unit;
  • Injection of the biomethane into the NG grid;
  • Sale of the biomethane as veichle biofuel.


The phase of implementation starts after a detailed planning of the involved activities in order to achieve in the shortest time the targets of the project. Stages and procedures are agreed with the client from the very beginning identifying the pertinent roles and responsabilities.

Supply and Erection

Thanks to the standardization of the upgrading packages to its flexible organization, GM can supply in a very short time the base packages and the when required the optional packages as well. Any activity, if any, in the scope of the client (like civil works, utilities connection or others) will be cleared in the first phase of the project in order to avoid any delay during the erection and commissioning phases.


GM, thanks to a well structured organization and to special agreements in force with the suppliers of key equipment, grants to the clients a top level site assistance with a rush presence of skilled specialists.


The planned maintenance of the GM upgraded unit is very light. The client, on the basis of its structure and organization, can select on different typologies of service.Based on the clients selected options GM can offer customized packages spreading from a case by case consulting service to a full maintenance service.

Granted production

Each package of assistance is linked with a granted profitable annual production of the upgraded unit.